Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Sailor of the Quarter


This is Mike around the age of either 5 or 6 and today is his birthday! But wait, there's more - yesterday he found out that he was named (for a second time!) Sailor of the Quarter for his command! Double whammy! I'd said his new year is starting off rather well wouldn't you? :)

As the Navy blocks (boo), I can reveal the menu for this evening's birthday dinner that I began to prepare last night. We'll be feasting on Jamie Oliver's Jambalaya (a recipe from his latest book), a green salad with lemon dressing, some sort of bread which I'll pick up on the way home and a chocolate cake a la Hines (there was no way I could get off work early today to bake from scratch). I'm excited and a little scared of the jambalaya - it calls for chorizo (could that be any more riddled with fat???!!) and 2 red hot peppers...H2O will be on standby. And of course, in keeping with my tradition of not always thinking things through, I'm hoping it turns out alright because I've never made this recipe before. Awesome. I'm also excited for him to open his pressies and I hope he likes them!

And speaking of birthday's today is Gandhi's 140th birthday! Shout out to him. I wonder what he would think of us and the state of the world today...?


These super cuties are school children in Bhopal, India who yesterday were taking part in birthday and cultural celebrations to mark Mr. Gandhi's big day. I think they're too adorable!The photo is from Reuters.

So Happy Happy Birthday to my Hubby and Gandhi! xo

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