Friday, October 16, 2009

More Etsy awesomeness

Hello and happy Friday!

Its a very soggy gray and dark day here in Seattle. The rain can't decide between pouring, misting or drizzle. And the sky hasn't gotten any better than early evening dusk. Ah, yes, fall/winter settled upon the West Coast!

However, all is not lost! The perpetually bright and shinny spot, Etsy, has not disappointed! A feast for the eyes over there these past few days. Here's some gems I found and hope you enjoy!

How awesome!!! Make your Goat's Cheese and other cheese delights kits!!!



From PaperDoll Woodshop - a super cool and cute magazine rack


Also from PaperDoll Woodshop is this rather fantastic antler frame and I'm thinking I may just have to buy it for a photo of my Moose!


And I really really want this clock - but in black - doesn't Her Majesty look lovely? Thank you Naked Decor!


Bon Weekend!!!

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