Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still in love with Chair but not with table and a little note on Sin

So on Sunday while running around for last minute birthday stuff for hubby – he’s 34 on Friday – I popped into Pier 1 in Everett to see if perchance they would have the table and chairs I posted about below. Well, happily they did and the chairs are lovely AND comfortable! The table however is poo. The lovely vegetable green colour in the photo below is not remotely close to the actual pukey mint green that adorns the base of the table in real life. Sad.

Moving along and completely changing gears, last night I came across this little gem of an article from Wired - the 7 deadly sins mapped across America! Fun! The information was collected and graphics created by Kansas State University and the accompanying intro from Wired notes “Christian clergy, likely noting the Bible Belt's status as Wrath Central, question the "science." Valid point—or maybe it's just the pride talking.” Ahahahahaha!!!! :)

Anyways, I thought this was funny and worth sharing! Note that the Pacific Northwest particularly suffers from greed, envy and pride - its like Puffy/P-Diddy once said, Mo money mo problems!


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