Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Beth!

Today is my little sister's birthday! Although she is no longer little and even owns her own house, she's still the kid who wouldn't stop talking and could talk a mile a minute, who would laughed hysterically at the banana song, loves turnips and went for years only ordering chicken fingers at restaurants, and who, thankfully, no longer steals my clothes!

Happy Birthday Bethie!!!! I hope you had a great day!!!!


In other news, yesterday was Thanksgiving in my home and native land and as always (or at least since I moved from home in 2003), I had a group of people over for dinner to celebrate. And not surprisingly we have a ton of leftovers! In order to move away from turkey sandwiches and turkey and potatoes,I'm going to throw together a turkey based soup tonight and hopefully by Friday we will be turkey free!

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