Friday, September 18, 2009

Flee fleas!!!!

That's right - the Rivard-Cook household is currently home to a pack of unwanted visitors - fleas! This morning as I was finishing up getting ready for work, Moose was on our bed playing when I noticed a bug race across him. When I took a good look at him, I realized he was covered in little black dots and saw second bug! Disgusting! So I called my colleague Trudy who happens to be a very knowledge and long time dog owner and she informed that he has fleas. A google search confirmed her diagnosis. Friggin awesome.

So after some minor panicking at my inability to be a good puppy-mommy, I went out and bought some flea/tick shampoo and flea/tick medicine/serrum and Moose had a bath. While he dried off, I went into overdrive with washing everything I could think of that he had touched/sat on and then went out to Pet Smart when it opened at 9am to get carpet and upholstery santizer. The laundry is done and the furniture has been sprayed down and our bedroom has had the carpet cleaned but there's still more to do and all the fun from this morning awaits me when I get home tonight. Good times.

Moral of this story, if you take your dog to a beach, make sure he's wearing a flea collar.

Bon weekend! I hope yours is flea free!!!

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