Friday, September 25, 2009

Chair love and other stuff

So I am forever pouring over websites looking for furnishings to fill our abode - its really become a sickness because I dedicate hours to this pursuit. One of my prefered websites for decor ideas and inspiration (athlough there are many blogs I love too) is Decor Pad. One of the really great features of this site is the Look for Less section - it lets a girl think some of those stunningly designed rooms may actually be acessible to those making less than a 6 figure salarie! Anyways, as much as I pour over these sites, I haven't found a particular look or style that I'm ready to commit 100% to BUT every once in while I come across something I absolutely love and I know it's what I absolutely want and the chairs and table below are it!



Both are from Pier 1 and I love the cafĂ©/French farmhouse look of these chairs and as for the table, I think its unique but not so wild & crazy that it came mesh while with other styles and looks. The sad thing about the table is that it doesn’t expand so we couldn’t buy it for a dining room table :(. And the sad thing about the chairs is that they’re $119 a piece!!!! {Choke} Maybe the sale fairies will magically sprinkle sale dust on them and drop them by $50 and then we’ll all live happily ever after! Le sigh…

Aaaannnnndddddd, if the sale fairy worked her magic and I won the lottery and bought said table set, I would have these Etsy finds on my table top for those who came over for a visit - the stoic sheep would be filled with strawberries and the wicked vintage serving tiered tray would be covered in lovely little pastries! I think this would make me very popular no?



Keep Calm & Carry On bowl by Rae Dunn


Tipsy Time Machine

Of course it would be easier to win the lottery if I actually played it...maybe that will be this evening's activity...hmmmm...

Bon weekend!

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  1. Great stuff! Love the sheep bowl!

    Just remember that from a statistical point of view, you're much more likely to be die on the way to buy your lottery ticket than to actually win the lottery. Ha ha :)