Monday, February 22, 2010

Word of the Day


1.a wide-ranging and impressive array or display: the dazzling panoply of the maharaja's procession; the panoply of European history.

2.a complete suit of armor.

3.a protective covering.

4.full ceremonial attire or paraphernalia; special dress and equipment.

It's origin date backs to Greece around 1570 - 1580 and can be used as an adjective: panoplied or unpanoplied.

I came across this word today in my daily coverage reading on cloud computing - gripping stuff I tell you!

Here's the line:

"In the world of software development today there is a broad panoply of software development models."

When I first read the word I thought perhaps it was IT related so I checked on and then realized how clever it was to use it in this context because it both fits and it's a word that you almost never see. Well played Brad Smith, well played.

Ok, nerd out!

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