Thursday, February 11, 2010

1 More Sleep!



I went to Van this past Saturday to run errands and do some shopping and there was a buzz, kind of like in the lead up to Christmas. People were decked out in Olympic gear and lots of cars were flying Canadian flags. Tomorrow I will be going work decked out in my Olympic gear and with a flag from my car!

I'm excited. I may even get brave enough to go open next weekend to check it out...maybe...we'll see how heinous the crowds are...

Anyways, this year is our year! I hope all the athletes from every country have a wonderful experience but I hope they don't mind if we keep most of the medals! :) GO CANADA GO!

PS - A little update on the US Speed Skating Team - Stephen Colbert and the Colbert nation have done it - they raised $300,000 for the team! And it has had quite the impact - check out this article.

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