Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update from the Colbert Nation...a few days late...

As of Monday of this week $202,000 had been raised for the American Speed Skating Team in 6 days since Stephen Colbert and his Nation/Legion of Fans agreed to sponsor the team! Impressive!

In addition to this achievement, Monsieur Colbert put "Canadian Iceholes" on official notice - apparently the Vancouver Olympic organizers won't let the American team practice at the Richmond Oval in the lead up to the games. Letting teams practice on the ice ahead of time is apparently the norm in speed skating competitions but for some reason, the VANOC and/or the Canadian Olympic Speed Skating Team are being less than hospitable and this landed Canada on Stephen's 'notice' list. I guess the American team is just going to have to bring its A game.... :)

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