Thursday, December 3, 2009

So many little things...

To get caught up on! I've been both busy and at times a little lazy! But here's a little catch up from the past few weeks.

1) I finished my year-long contract on November 17th and while I'll miss some lovely friends I made there, generally, I'm relieved the year is over. It was a bit of a rough go.

2) I've been keeping myself busy with applying and interviewing for work and being a little Susie Homemaker as evidenced below...

3) American Thanksgiving was last Thursday and my mother-in-law prepared a lovely and tasty feast! I contributed to the celebration with Paula Dean's Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle! It was very tasty y'all!


4) I really like to bake, its fun and I like the level of concentration it requires, focus without intense focus. Anyways, the only hindrance to baking is that it leads to high caloric consumption! Therefore, with my extra time, I've decided to fatten up my puppy instead of myself! I've taken to creating dog biscuits for my Moose.


Check out my newest toy! A 3 cup Cuisineart chopper/grinder! De-lightful!



These tasty treats are the result of leftover chicken thighs & drumsticks from Mike's birthday dinner (frozen raw, not caked in jambalaya!), pinto beans, whole wheat flour, chicken broth, canola oil, grated carrots and grated apples. Moosey approves of them and when I pull them out, he actually licks his lips! He will be sharing them with his buddy Angus.

5) Lastly, last weekend I went to this neat little shopping area in the city of Bothell called Country Village. Country Village is a little western looking 'town' that was built in the 1970s. It has been and continues to be home to a variety of antique, decor, clothing and toys shops owned and operated by women. In one of those antique shops, I found a vintage travel poster for my favourite place on earth, Edinburgh!!!! I saw it and absolutely had to have it. Sarah, brace yourself!


Edinburgh is (in my opinion) one of the best places on earth. It is beautiful, majestic, historically rich, fun, and filled with kind and cheerful people. I was very lucky to spend a year and a half there, doing my master's degree, working and meeting some of my nearest and dearest friends - Sarah ( is one of those people and Mike & I are thrilled to be crashing in on her family's Christmas on our way back to Ottawa for our family's Christmas! You should check out her blog and Christmas card, which is fantanbulous!

Anyways, at a later date I'm going to do a Edinburgh post! Bonne nuit.

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