Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Canadian expats...we're everywhere!

So to keep along the lines of all things Canada...because no one ever gets bored of that subject...on Saturday I will be going to my first ever Canadian Expats Living in the Seattle area event! Whoot-whoot! :)

I recently discovered this crew of Canuk's through another Canadian here at work. She and I met rather accidently about a month ago when she asked me for directions to someone's office and noticed my antique postcard of the Parliament buildings pinned up in my cube (good eye). She then sent me the link to the aforementioned group and I've been waiting for an event or meet-up to come up ever since. Anyways, this Saturday there will be a ladies only brunch at the very yummy Portage Bay Café, just a stone's throw from my work. I'm looking forward to meeting ladies from the true north strong and free...hehehe...hopefully none of them are hosers ;)

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