Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Prior to moving to Europe in 2003, to me soccer/football/futbol was a participatory sport that primarily girls/young women played and dominated or so was the case in my home town. It wasn't so much a couch sport or a go-down-to-the-pub-to-watch type of sport, however, when in Rome (or the UK)...soccer/football is a way of life. Anyways, this spring Seattle got its very own MLS team, the Seattle Sounders, and they're actually really rather good...not that I really know what's considered good in professional soccer but they win a lot of their matches so that's gotta be a good thing, right?! :)

Well, my friends Tracy & Alberto hooked us up with tickets for tomorrow's Sounder's game against...wait for it....Barcelona!!!! Wicked! I think the game is going to be pretty awesome and it'll be a very cool experience to see a professional and incredibly good European team play and all the way out here on the West Coast!


I hope to have photos of the game posted before the weekend! Go Sounders!!!

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