Friday, July 31, 2009

Etsy stuff I am hearting

Etsy is by far my favourite online shopping site. I love that stuff is either handmade or supplies for you to handmake with. My mom and Nanny instilled a love for craft fairs and my Grandma and Grandpa were talented painters and jewelery makers and Grandma also liked to sew and embroider.

Anyways, below are a few things that caught my eye on Etsy today when I was going through my Favorites list. Some of its crafty and some of its vintage finds.

From SolsticeHome - a vintaged painted galvanized tub with robe handles - I think this would look really great outside on a patio with large amounts of ice and pitchers of mojoitos & pims nestled in it!


From Emily Lynch Vintage - a vintage souvenir plate of Canada - because every Canadian living aboard needs one!... ;)


From Bouquet - a vintage brass mouse receipt holder - I'm becoming increasingly more keen and interested in brass animal figurines, and I think my new found interest stems from the brass donkey figurine I have of my grandfather's...maybe the donkey would like company?


From Teresa Sheeley - the super cute 1,2,3,4 tea towel


From Montrealer Eva Juliet - this pretty 8x11 Les Cuilleres print


From LinenMe - this lovely French Linen Tablecloth in Natural & Blue - I love simplicity and richness of this table cloth and as Mike can atest, I have a small yet still controlled addiction to table linens.


Anyways, Bon Weekend!

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  1. I love the last table cloth. Good hunting!