Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feeling French

I'm feeling French today. Not as in I come from France but I've been listening to my French music on repeat as I reconcile expenses and was searching the internet earlier for two French rappers I liked when I lived in Belgium. I know, I know, French rap - fairly gross and weird but I think that was back in the day when rap first crept across the Atlantic and French rap didn't have much in the way of flow. More recently its become pretty good, well, for those that like rap.

Anyways, attached are two videos - the first is of the Canadian band Coeur de Pirate, who I love and the second vid is by Kamini, one of the French rappers I was reminiscing about. I think his song and video are funny and he rocks some serious hair! The gist of his diddy is that he's from a very small village (and yes, that's his village in the video), is a member of the only African-French family in the village and mentions some of the social perils of that status and that he can't rap about pimps and hos because he's from a very small village. So without further ado...

Coeur de Pirates - Comme des enfants

Kamini - Marly Gomont

Apologies for the pixilation and small format but alas I couldn't embed the video from youtube.

Sidebar: Carisa A. of Wisconsin was not a happy bunny this morning when I did not have a word of the day for her to enjoy. Apologies to Wisconsin. I read several online news sources today to try to find another great and rarely used word but alas, no dice. I shall keep my eyes peeled for other lingustic gems.


  1. My dearest Robyn. Thank you for taking my concern regarding the word of the day (or lack thereof) so seriously. I anxiously await your next "linguistic gem".
    Love Always,
    Two blue eyed girls with a love for cheese.