Thursday, August 13, 2009

Prints on Etsy & Count Down to Take Off!

Long time, no blog. And in less than 2 days (43 hours to be exact but who's counting...) I'll be at home in Ottawa with likely limited posting opportunities. This week hasn't been a banner one but my goal is to keep with space light and upbeat so today's posting is a compilation of prints/posters from Etsy that I l♥ve! Some of these are more on the motivational side of things, which would have come in very handy this week at work! And others are just fun and remind me of places I've lived.

I'll likely do another instalment of this post but with a focus on all the fabulous kiddy inspired art work. I wish I could plaster my godson's room with all those super cute prints but:
1) he's a 6 year old boy
2) he would rather receive toys then art for his birthday and Christmas (duh Robyn!)
3) a lot of the really cute prints are too baby for a big boy of 6!

Oh, why can't he be 2 again????!!!! (My cousin, his mother, is probably cursing me right now, I didn't live through the 2's, she did!).

Anyways, here are some visuals from the world of Etsy.

From Looky Loo ~ Rumi Poster

From Hijirik Studio ~ Live What You Love Letterpress Print

From Roll & Tumble Press ~ Dream Big- Handprinted Letterpress

From Made by Girl ~ I Love You, Blogs and Coffee
This is just one is too cute! It would make a great pressie...hhmmmm, who shall I send it to?...

From Nicodesum Green ~ Bacon Is Like A Little Hug from God
How awesome would this be in a kitchen?! And let's be serious, bacon really is like a little hug from god.

The following 3 prints are from DripStick Artwork and he has other great vintage inspired travel poster prints.



From Julia Pott ~ Brussels

These two prints are of my beloved city Edinburgh from Artquirk ~ the first is of Victoria St, and the second print is titled Edinburgh windows.


I think that may my last post for several days, but ya never know, if my parent's computer is on its best behaviour I may be able to post some mid-trip photos.

Aurevoir pour le moment.

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